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I havnt played this one yet, but I really enjoyed dragon rising (Only played at friends house but i did complete missions) and honestly this game is taking away a lot of stuff that made dragon rising what it was and I think if they're going to change everything that much that they should have just made a new game completely and not have continued the operation flashpoint series.
Winner. I have played this game though and it's very sad in it's comparison with Dragon Rising. With Dragon Rising we got a mini-ArmA (Mil-Sim). Red River is the OFP team saying to hell with that, we want to be more appealing to the CoD and Battlefield crowd. And just like most everyone else who tries that, they put out a game that's so weak the majority of their original fans wont support it and their targeted audience, past maybe a weekend rental, is better off with whatever big "AAA" shooter they've been playing beforehand.
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