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I just got Public Menace yesterday. $450,000.

I wrecked probably 20 fire trucks and easily 100-200 cars, had $2,000 in injuries, and $1,500 in city damage. I was so paranoid that by the time I got done playing the case (chose the first traffic case since it's a very short, simple one) that I wasn't going to have enough damage, so I went WAAAY overboard.

And on another achievement related note, 100% retail! All retail achievements are done, and played both currently released DLC cases just a couple hours ago for the first time since downloading them via the Rockstar Pass two weeks ago, all done. Sitting at 1200G waiting for the dates of the next two DLC cases to arrive. Thankfully not long to wait by now, at least for Nicholson.

I went on a massive tear getting the remaining achievements I had left. All since midnight EDT yesterday (the 14th), I completed The Fighting Sixth, Roscoe and Friends, Shamus To The Stars, Auto Fanatic, Public Menace, Hollywoodland, and The City of Angels. Then since midnight EDT today (the 15th, which it is currently 5:48 am EDT where I am), I have knocked out both DLC cases and all 10 related achievements. A hell of a 30 hours for me.
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