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I'm not loving this game. I enjoyed the last one alot, but you were given alot more choice about how to approach and achieve your objective. This one is very linear and at only a few points can you really choose your own attacking strategy. The maps in the last one were very open and you could chose your own route, but in this one there is only one route. You're never really asked to attack anything big, the last one had you assaulting airfields, oil refineries, weapon depots, enemy bases etc. This one it feels like you are asked to attack the same village 20 times over.

I've found it pretty boring to be honest, it's very slow and as you can't choose your own tactics each firefight is the same as the last. There are long gaps between anything happenning which break up the pace. The scenery is also pretty dull, I've played lots of games set in middle east environment now and each level looks the same as the last.

I've also found the AI to be pretty terrible. several times my teamates have been standing next to an enemy and they've both ignored each other. The constant repeating of the same phrases by the other marines annoys me as well.
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