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Originally Posted by DEG23 View Post
I also agree that Red River is fun, i enjoyed dragon rising but it had it's flaws.
My only disagreement with this game is that for the most part, it's very restrictive, you have a small corridor in which to play and if you stray too far it's game over.

As far as realism goes this missed the mark in a few places. During mission 7 where you are ordered to hold the bridge, the PLA were swarming me so i decided to pull out and retreat over the bridge but because i wasn't supposed to, as soon as our humvee got to the bridge it exploded.

What i like about dragon rising was the option to approach an objective how i wanted to. But then again if you look at a real life Marine squad they are restricted to their commander's orders, so in that respect, red river gave a glimpse of what it would be like to be a marine in that position.

Maybe if the game was to follow a group of force recon marines there would be more freedom in how you approached a situation?
Well, we (Marines) are taught to improvise, adapt, and overcome in the field. I'm sure you've heard the term. For the most part, there can be multiple ways to follow a general order from the CG or CO, and it's often up to the platoon commander to execute it to the best of his ability. The safety of Marines is always a top concern.

Force Recon is another story, and unfortunately what you see in games and on TV isn't really what they do. As the name suggests, they will mainly be used in deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering roles. Many people don't know the difference between Force Recon and other battalions, and what the different ones do.

In any case, I've yet to play a game that's truly realistic to what combat operations are actually like, but the entire OF series could be considered some of the closer ones. I can say the dialog in Red River is pretty realistic. Maybe just a little overboard.

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