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Originally Posted by Allan Caesar View Post
This topic = fail.
No it's not, I just got Perfect World Champion on my first go pretty much using this.

Use this method as a base for playing if you're using Bison:

This way you will vs some of the characters that this isn't effective on at the start. Plus you have an idea on how to play.

All you have to do is spam turbo light punch after you get the health lead. If you get a knock down it'll make it easier. After a knock down, stand about 1 to 2 character lengths away from them and press the turbo-ed button.

You might want to test how far to stand away from each character in CPU Battle. This is also a good way figure out how to start against each character.

As Gio stated, this doesn't work on Ken, Ryu, Guile, Dsim and Honda. But for the characters that this does work on, I recommend the following stance. Actually, you may have to use these positions for a few of them.


Chun li


As a final note, use the linked guide to help you win against the characters it doesn't work on.

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