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For people who have a turbo feature on their control/arcade stick.

All you have to do is spam turbo light punch after you get the health lead. If you get a knock down it'll make it easier. After a knock down, stand about 1 to 2 character lengths away from them and press the turbo-ed button. This confuses the CPU and they struggle to decide what move to do, thus end up attacking constantly at a range that will not hit you or they end up blocking.

You might want to test how far to stand away from each character in CPU Battle. This is also a good way figure out how to start against each character.

As Gio stated in another thread, this doesn't work on Ken, Ryu, Guile, Dsim and Honda. But for the characters that this does work on, I recommend the following stance whilst holding down turbo. Actually, you may have to use these positions for a few of them.


Chun li


Blanka: You might be better off spamming Psycho Crusher if you have trouble with the positioning on the turbo stance. Just wait for him to descend from his aerial special and continue applying pressure with Psycho Crusher from then on.

Guile: This can be annoying, just try to get in early with Psycho Crusher and keep the pressure solid. If he spams the Sonic Booms, vertically jump over them till he walks towards you and use Psycho Crusher.

Ken: Ken will probably be the hardest battle. If he spams Hadoukens at you, jump over with hard kick, but make sure you have some range, if you're too close he might Dragon Punch you. Through my experience, it's better to stay near him so when he makes that fireball mistake, you can jump it with the right timing. Also, having your back up against the wall is a good strat. Ken will jump in with a hard kick then a standing or low hard kick, block both of them till he throws out a Hurricane kick (Tatsu) then he will eventually throw a Dragon punch out after that. Punish him on the decent with a Psycho Crusher. You can also get him after the Hurricane kick but that involves more risk, you're better off taking the chip damage till he's in the sweet spot.

Chun li and Vega: Just wait for him/her to jump off the back wall and use Psycho Crusher as he/she lands. Remember to block low on the sweeps.

Zangief: I prefer spamming Psycho Crusher against him, but stopping him with turbo will work as well.

Dsim: Use c.HK and as you knock him down, walk back slightly and repeat. This stops him from grabbing you after you knock him down with a sweep.

Balrog: I prefer to jump in with a MK against Balrog and hold up from then on so you're constantly jumping and as you come back down, hit HK. Rinse and wash.

Sagat and Bison: Try to get in quick with Psycho Crusher and then use the turbo function to lock them in place.

This is a short guide is for Bison with the turbo feature. The turbo feature should work with other characters, but they may have to use a different stance.

As a final note, use the rest of LLC's guide on how to play against the rest of the cast.

I'd also like to thank LLC for some of the basics =D

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