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Originally Posted by InfernoFrY View Post
I'm having a problem trying to do the "Sit!" minigame. MY cat just runs past the area every time. I've tried sitting down on the floor & sofa, and tried yelling "sasha, sit". Nothing seems to stop it. It's causing me to fail talent shows so its become a problem.
it's actually very easy.

Step 1: running: NEVER run on the spot!!! just go forward and backwards non-stop in small and somwhat quick and nimble steps - you don't even need to run. Kinect just monitors movement, not really the speed of it.

Step 2: sitting: slide forward with feet and fall backwards with your upper body. like this \_. Stop yourself with your left hand so you won't hurt your butt on the ground.

sit down as soon as you reach the sit-marker. Otherwise you will slide all the way outside of the area. You should get highscore every time this way.

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