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i agree this game is really good. i dont understand how it got the same Metacritic score as SOCOM4
cause this game is 10x better, in fact the OF series is what SOCOM used to be back in the PS2 era

but the biggest improvement over OFDR is they got rid of 1 huge map and forcing you to trek across it on foot to each objective.

fortunately i didnt start playing the game till this past week which was after they apparently patched a bunch of bugs, the only grip i have is the AI teammates sometimes acting stupid, like when i tell them to move up to a wall for cover almost everytime theres one of them that randomly get up and run in front of the cover...

and another really annoying issue is when i tell a teammate to heal another one, they get up an run out into an open space which is normally in teh line of fire...

and it seemed impossible to get them to stay up ontop of a building to provide suppressing/defensive fire, they always run down and around the building.

i think thats the 1 main issue they need to work on for the next one.

other than that its great and im having alot of fun playing, im already playing thru the campaign a 2nd time trying to finish ranking my Rifleman class, then i plan on ranking up the other 3 classes, more based on fun factor than achievements

its pretty awesome having the AI nearly fully leveled Riflemen with the sniper scopes and perks taking out enemies with ease, when it was normally me having to do most of the work the first time around when they were the default level 1

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