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Originally Posted by 0311 View Post
Well, we (Marines) are taught to improvise, adapt, and overcome in the field. I'm sure you've heard the term. For the most part, there can be multiple ways to follow a general order from the CG or CO, and it's often up to the platoon commander to execute it to the best of his ability. The safety of Marines is always a top concern.

Force Recon is another story, and unfortunately what you see in games and on TV isn't really what they do. As the name suggests, they will mainly be used in deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering roles. Many people don't know the difference between Force Recon and other battalions, and what the different ones do.

In any case, I've yet to play a game that's truly realistic to what combat operations are actually like, but the entire OF series could be considered some of the closer ones. I can say the dialog in Red River is pretty realistic. Maybe just a little overboard.
I agree that the OF series is probably the cloest to real combat ops. This is probably the only game when it is truly terrifying to see bullets kicking up the dirt inches from you and having no idea where the shooter is, unlike games like COD, where you can seemingly absorb bullets. I also agree that Marines have to adapt & overcome every situation before them but having never served in the armed forces, how much autonomy does a fire team leader have?

One of the aspects of Dragon Rising i liked was the freedom it gave you, there were a few moments in Red River where i felt a head on approach was dangerous and would have like to flank to one side but i was restricted to the boundaries of the game.

To be honest i don't think playing a realistic recon team would be much fun, granted i don't know much about them, i have seen documentaries on Delta Force, Navy Seal ops (don't know too much about Force Recon) and for the most part it seems boring, spending months after months training and running recon ops only to not get the go ahead from command. Unfortunately video gamers have a desire to kill many and often
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