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Originally Posted by Kyanite View Post
I take issue with what this guide says. Gorillazilla jumps three times both times you fight it, and its rockets can be shot down. The first time you take on Head Zeppelin, it fires more than one homing rocket at a time. The second time you fight it, its rate of fire has increased. I don't know what the author is talking about when he says Battleship only reveals two cannons at a time. Every time I fight it, all four cannons are firing at me. The second time you fight Mechworm, it stays underground for a shorter amount of time.

Other than those issues, this is a good guide.
What was left out in the guide description is that the author was playing this game in standard def (480p or something like that). The game plays slightly differently for either graphics setting. Some people claim that the game is easier when you play in SD, but I've never really noticed a difference in difficulty.
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