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Worked really well, thanks for this!

Originally Posted by zindar View Post
Make sure you got Lily from Jacobstown by doing the quest (Guess Who I saw Today)

Step 1: Get 2 stealthboys (I only used 1 but get 2 just in case) 2 locations of stealthboys below:
  • Victor's Shack inside ammunition box
  • Goodsprings Schoolhouse inside a safe (Lockpick - Easy)
Step 2: Get Lily as your companion her Stealth Girl perk is really useful for this method (she makes your stealth boy last twice as long)

Step 3: Go to Vault 21 Gifthouse located at the strip

Step 4: Make a new save if necessary

Step 5: Use stealthboy and pickpocket Sarah and take the "Bubblegum" it never disappears and still count as a pickpocket

Step 6: DON'T BE TOO GREEDY save every after 3-4 successful pickpocket

There you go achievement unlocked!

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