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If no one else has helped you, I will. Arrange mode all together is wierd since you automatically power up when your gauge hits 1000, then you go into tension. Time slows down dramatically and bullets will flood the screen. use your takakuma? not sure how its spelled but your little spirit partner to eat the bullets and clear you a path. if your spirit locks onto an enemy during that you will homing attack it and when it dies it'll leave behind skulls. shoot these for tons of points and a guage refill, also make sure your shooting the enemies while your spirit is locking on so the guage doesnt run out as fast. With a little practice you'll get the hang of it. If this isn't good enough of an explanation let me know and i'll send a more in depth one, I can also help with any other achievement on this game and other games if you think i'll be useful. Message me anytime on here or on live. GT = Stealth Fangs.
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