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Vocals and more

I am great at vocals. I actually got all of the Beatles Rock Band Triple-Fabs by myself. I recorded myself singing two parts, then sang along with myself on a third mic. What I did was, I recorded the alto and tenor/soprano harmonies into monaural tracks, then mixed them, but with keeping Alto in the left speaker only, and tenor/soprano in the right speaker only. I then positioned a mic connected to XBOX 360 in front of each speaker on my computer and played the file back. I would then sing the lead melody into the third mic. 3-part harmony, with expert guitar or bass, all at once.

If anyone needs a vocalist, let me know. I can either record tracks for you or just connect on Live!.

Also, stupid question, but, can the PRO achievements be gotten without the PRO instruments? If not, that is an additional $300 in plastic instruments just to get a few gamer score!

Also, off-topic, I am missing Guitar Hero 2 and 3 co-op achievements for 1 million and all 5-Stars respectively, even still after how many years?! I would give anything for a patch to those games from Activision to add ONLINE co-op to get those cheevz!

My gamer tag is Sn0w Shepherd, of course, and my full score is 100% legit! I am closing in on 100% across all the games I have played so far! YAY!
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