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Down but Not Out (5G) - Get a hit with 2 strikes in a non-simulated game.
This achievement is worth only 5 points because it is so easy. This achievement is self explanatory. As long as you have 2 strikes, just get a hit. You CAN have 1, 2, or 3 balls as well.

Grab Some Pine (5G) - Get a strikeout to end the inning in a non-simulated game.
Another easy Achievement. As long as you have a good strike-out pitcher, this achievement shouldn't bee too hard at all. Again just throw sliders and fastballs 'low and away' and change-ups 'up and in'.

Mr. Consistency (20G) - Get a hit in all 9 innings in a non-simulated game.
For this Achievement, you may want to boost up your teams batters' stats, putting their contact way up. It may not come easily though, so just keep trying.

Power Grab (10G) - Hit 50 HR with your user profile.
This achievement CAN NOT be obtained in My Player Mode. So in online games and Franchise/Quick Mode just keep blasting home runs. If you are looking for a quick 1000/1000, just slap all of your Power stats to the Max. It won't take long to get to 50 Home Runs, boosting or not.

One Man Show (80G) -Throw a Perfect Game or a No-Hitter on Pro or higher in a 9 inning game, in a non-simulated game.
This Achievement won't get you $1,000,000 anymore unfortunately. BUT almost as good, you'll get 80G!!! (ha...) You can easily get this achievement by boosting online with a friend. Just have them keep bunting to your pitcher and throw to first. Or if you don't have xbox live or friends, just lower all of the batter's stats for a team like the Astros or Orioles and play in a big stadium so they can't hit a cheap home run and it's all pop ups. Good Luck. The Online option, in my opinion, would be your best choice.

Dual Threat (20G) - Steal base with pitcher in a non-simulated game.
For this Achievement, your best choice is probably to just up the battingand baserunning stats for a pitcher. Hold down the left trigger, and as soon as you see the pitcher start his pitch (as soon as his hands move) let go of the trigger and send your guy running.

Don't Call it a Comeback (10G) - Win after being down by 4 after the 6th inning in a non-simulated game.
This Achievement could be a bit difficult. First you need to give up 4 runs, which is difficult since this game is not al that difficult on Pro difficulty. But then to make it more difficult, you need your offense to explode in those next 3 innings and grab the lead and win. It will help if you use your maxed out team and keep bunting into outs until the top of the 7th inning, and then use that maxed out offense to blast those runs across the plate and win. OR you can take the easy way out and boost with a friend online

Take That (15G) - Get an RBI after being brushed back off the plate in a non-simulated game.
This Achievement may also be difficult, because you need to count on the opposing pitcher to back you off of the plate. But again, you can boost this one online with a friend.

This is Why I'm Here (15G) - Be successful in a major league clutch moment in My Player Mode.
Another My Player Mode Achievement, but not too difficult. When you enter a Clutch Moment, You will see it pop up on the bottom of your screen. As a batter all you have to do is get a base hit. As a pitcher, just get that next guy out.

The Road to Greatness (20G) - Complete and win 3 ranked matches in a row.
This is one difficult achievement, unless you have a boosting partner that will stick around for your 3 wins. If you join someone else's ranked lobby, you won't recieve a Loss if you back out to the main menu.

The Spice of Life (10G) - Play 10 ranked matches using 10 different teams.
For this Achievement, you just need to go online and use 10 DIFFERENT teams. This could be time consuming. You DO NOT need to win these 10 games, but you do need to finish them. Keep track of which teams you have used so you don't do any repeats.

The Team to Beat (15G) - Beat the San Francisco Giants in a completed online match.
This Achievement is easiest if you boost for it. If not, just hope you get in a lobby with a Giants fan and you are able to beat them. Good Luck.

Count It (10G) - Complete and win a ranked match.
This Achievement is the easiest Online Achievement there is. As long as you can win online, this Achievement is as good as your.

Your Day (15G) - Win player of the game in an MLB game in My Player Mode.
Another My Player Achievement here. This time to get the Player of the Game Award. You must be in the Majors for this to unlock. But as long as you increasing your stats from Skill Points, you should get this in no time.

2-peat (25G) - Win Back to Back World Series® in My Player Mode.
This My Player Achievement could be a little tough. You must lead your team to the World Series 2 consecutive years and win each time. From my knowledge, you must use the same team both years (Example: Yankees 2012, Yankees 2013). This Achievement CAN be difficult, becasue you must count on the other 24 guys on your team to help you get there and win.

A Job Well Done (25G) - Win 100+ games in a season in My Player Mode.
This Achievement may be a thorn in your side. You must, again, count on your team to help you out for these 100+ wins. The Achievement will unlock at then end of the season or postseason, NOT after you reach the 100-win mark.

Domination (20G) - Strikeout 200 batters with your user profile.
This Achievement must be obtained in Franchise, Quick Play, or Online Modes. The Description is self explanatory.

Production (20G) - Drive in 250 RBI with your user profile.
This Achievement must be obtained in Franchise, Quick Play, or Online Modes. The Description is self explanatory.

Learning The Ropes (10G) - Achieve gold in all the drills.
This Achievement is not all that difficult. Playing the Drills in My Player Mode DOES count towards this achievement, but you will be required to go to Game Modes and finish up the rest of them. For batting drills, you may want to use a Pujols-like player, for fielding you may want to use a first basemen or outfielder. For the base running drills use a fat runner like Jose Reyes or Andrew McCutchen. As for the pitching drills, use Roy Halladay. Can't go wrong with those players, should be an easy achievement. Before each drill you will be prompted on how to earn each Gold rating.

My Fellow Man (10G) - Complete and win an online league game.
To obtain this Achievement, you must join/host an Online League and win a match-up within that League. Like most Online Achievements, it is recommended that you boost with a friend or fellow x360a user.

Payback (15G) - Hit a HR off a former team in My Player Mode.
To get this Achievement, you must be in My Player mode as a Batter. Play for a team – say the Boston Red Sox – and then request a trade via Career Decisions in the Menu. Request a trade to a team within the division so you get to play against the Red Sox a lot during the season. Once you join the team – say the New York Yankees – sim up to when you meet the Red Sox next, play that series and smash a home run, the Achievement will bloop as soon as you hit it.

The Hall (75G) - Make the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode.
This Achievement will take a long time to achieve. You need 5 or 6+ seasons in My Player Mode to obtain 12 Goals (Ex: 300 Career HR, 2000 Career K's, 1,000 Career RBI, etc.) it is STRONGLY recommended that you use a pitcher!!! Because 6 people, including myself, have played the 900 or so games for goal completion, but it never popped for any of us. But i also know 3 other people who have played My Player as a pitcher, and have unlocked the achievement first try.

The Champs (20G) - Win a World Series® in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
See Description up above in Step #1 in the Guide Overview. You just have to win the World Series, might as well keep using your custom maxed-out team.
Retail: 1000+G - 33 games
Arcade: 200+G - 15 games

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