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The Real Evanio's Gamercard
The Top (30G) - Become the #1 ranked player in your My Player organization.
If you choose a team like the Pirates or Orioles or Padres, this achievement will come sooner due to the fact that their best players are usually around 94 out of the possible 99. After about 3 or 4 seasons, you should be just about maxed out, so this shouldn't take all too long.

The Star (40G) - Make the All-Star team in My Player Mode.
For this Achievement, all you really need to do is be good. As long as you are towards the top of the Stat Leaders, you should make it in. if you are a batter, around 50+ RBI and maybe 20 HR should get you in easily. For a pitcher, 8-10 Wins and an ERA below 3.5 should get you into the All-Star Game. The Achievement will pop when you reach the date of the All-Star Game. YOU WILL GET IT IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PLAY THE GAME, it'll pop up as soon as you click 'No' when prompted if you want to play it or not. Do not be alarmed if you do not make the All Star Game in the Year 1, since you will probably be called up too late to boost up your stats enough. Year 2 you will most likely get the achievement.

A Day in the Life (10G) - Play a game of MLB Today.
For this Achievement, you need an internet connection, obviously. The achievement is rather simple, as soon as you get to the games main menu, there is a list of games on the right side of the screen. These are the actual real-life games for that chosen day. select one and click play. You can do it on 3 innings, or 6 innings if you choose to. This Achievement has some issues not popping up, so if you just keep playing, you'll eventually get it.

Mid-Summer Classic (40G) - Play the All-Star game in MLB Today.
Same as "A Day in the Life", but you must wait until the actual date of the All Star Game. This year it is JULY 12, 2011. All you have to do id play the game, it is not necessary to win to get this Achievement.

King of the Hill (20G) - Get to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby® Mode.
This, like previous years, is one of the most difficult Achievement on the list. You must battle through all 20 of 2010's best home run hitters. This is near impossible to do legit. So I advise you to Choose a player and Max out his stats. From here, get the list (below) and lower all of their stats *NOTE: A FEW OF THE NAMES ON THIS LIST HAVE CHANGED DUE TO ROSTER UPDATES*

20. Carlos Gonzalez (COL)
19. David Ortiz (BOS)
18. Troy Tulowitzki (COL)
17. Alex Rodriguez (NYY)
16. Carlos Pena (CUBS)
- (Can change to those 5 batters if you choose)
15. Jim Thome (MIN)
14. Mike Stanton (FLA)
13. Dan Uggla (ATL)
12. Josh Hamilton (TEX)
11. Joey Votto (CIN)
- (another chance to change)
10. Adrian Gonzalez (BOS)
9. Mark Texieria (NYY)
8. Paul Konerko (CWS)
7. Ryan Howard (PHI)
6. Mark Reynolds (BAL)
-(another chance to change)
5. Miguel Cabrera (DET)
4. Prince Fielder (MIL)
3. Adam Dunn (CWS)
2. Jose Bautista (TOR)
1. Albert Pujols (STL)

What's Your Ring Size? (80G) - Win a World Series® in My Player Mode.
Refer to "2-peat".

Remember Me (20G) - Break a record in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
For this Achievement, you musty be in Franchise mode. This pertains only to MLB Records, not individual team records. This achievement is very glitchy (as is most of them), but it should be specified as a MLB Season or Game record, not a Career record.

You're Special (20G) - Win a season award in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)
This Achievement is referring to awards like MVP, Cy Young, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, Reliever of the Year, Rookie of the Year, etc. As long as you are playing on Pro difficulty, this should be unmissable.


Hawkeye (10G) - Draw a walk on a full count in a non-simulated game.
Refer to "No Hole Too Deep".

You Did What? (15G) - Hit a HR with a pitcher in a non-simulated game.
For this Achievement, you must hit a Homerun with a pitcher. You can either try Legit with a guy like Carlos Zambrano or CC Sabathia, or boost up the hitting stats on any pitcher and just swing for the fences every at-bat he has. Good Luck, though it is fairly simple and easy.

Throw First and Aim Later (10G) - Miss your throw to first base with 2 outs in a non-simulated game.
This is one of the rare MLB 2K 'original' Achievements. For this Achievement, you must throw the ball away when there are two outs. It is extremely easy to get. With two outs, pitch low in the zone to get a groundball. As soon as one of your infielders fields the ball, just hold down the B button then whole way into the red, don't let go of the B button until the ball is on it's way to First Base. 98% of the time you will throw the ball away and pull the First Basemen off of the bag. Achievement will pop as soon as the runner is called safe.

Upset Alert (10G) - Use the Pittsburgh Pirates in a completed ranked match.
This Achievement is called 'Upset Alert', but you aren't required to Win. Just use the Pirates in an Online Match. It'll pop as soon as the game is over. As a Die-Hard Pirates fan, this hurts, though i understand. Next year, it'll be "Win the World Series as the Cubs". Now THAT is funny.

EpidemiK (20G) - Complete an online game against a 2K developer or a player who already has this achievement.
This Achievement is just a Viral Achievement. Play a game against someone else that has this Achievement, and as soon as the game is over, you will get the Achievement.

Back to the Cage (10G) - Get a Golden Sombrero (strikeout 4 times in 1 game) in My Player Mode.
Another rare 'Original' 2K Achievement. This one is to strike out 4 times in My Player Mode. For this, it is easiest to do as a Batter (since being a National League pitcher doesn't guarantee you 4 at bats). Just swing extra early on every pitch and strike out 4 times. Do this early in your career so you don't risk drawing an Intentional Walk.

Retail: 1000+G - 33 games
Arcade: 200+G - 15 games

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