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Originally Posted by Warfighter1000 View Post
I haven't noticed many bugs. The only one I can recall is sometimes the humvee cutscene takes a second to start even with the full squad in.
My iron sights/scopes sometimes appear with loads of multi-coloured patterns. That's the only bug I've noticed, but by far an improvement from Dragon Rising of which I absolutely loved despite its many bugs and peoples hatred for it!

Truly nice game. I've only rented and completed the Story Mode on the first day! Finished all the FTEs by the second day. The games story and co-op missions don't encourage enough play time - but then again the achievements do. Re-playable value is there, because I really enjoyed the story mode having run through it for a second time!

I've worked my ass off to get as far as I have with these achievements, but my Dragon Rising experience really paid off when it came to this game. Speaking of the gameplay, everything has been tweaked real nicely to just add up all of those minor improvements to OFP: DR. On the other hand... it feels slightly silly that we're paying 40 for another Flashpoint game that only tweaks the gameplay, and provides a brand new setting with a new story.

That's fair enough though, because the story and its characters this time are more enjoyable than the bland-ness of DR. The constant shouting over gunfire and tactical approach to combat made me feel like I was really performing like a Marine in this game compared to most shooters (No names )

The class customisation was a necessity, player skills was a nice invention and certainly went down very well with me as I really liked the idea of improving some of the soldiers abilities! The graphics work much better in this game due to the setting. The EGO Engine clearly wasn't cut out for the trees and green grass in DR, at distance perhaps it looked okay but DR suffered with its closer environment visuals! Red River has nice graphics from close and far, although it truly is nothing in comparison to some of the other games hitting the market now.

All in all, fantastic game. Wished I'd have bought it instead of rented, because I would've had no hesitation to buy the DLC and take my time attempting to max the games achievements rather than rushing myself with only the core 1,000G in my rental time limit!
I tend to max out any games worth the time and effort. The rest I've maxed don't take much of either.
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