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i dont think it works

ive got 63 flag capts thus ive done the date change 63 times.i also did 3 matches in death match.that gives me 200 kills x 65days and no achievement.last week i made the mistake of doing it in instant action but that was my own this time i made sure to follow you directions to the T and no achievement.while i havnt played this game since 08/09/08 i got an update when i put it in 2 weeks ago.but i highly dought that epic saw fit to release a patch for this game while working on gears 3.also i dont know why uhh objective would post that this process works as the GT doesnt have the should be sure that what you post works as many people may waste their time following usless instructions.unless this method is confirmed by more people who actually get the achievement this way the post should be deleted.
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