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Originally Posted by lenyo View Post
Hoist the colours! looks glitched for me. I finished the game now, and i havent earned it yet! Any tips? I just simply got all the 200 items.
What I am about to go over will help you with this problem

Glitches I encounted:

1) Many freezes, installing helps.

2) On Dead Man Chest - Chapter 2 (Touch of Destiny) In Tia Dalma's house, if you use the sword lever BEFORE pushing the box over the trapdoor (this means when you push the box into the already existing hole in the floor) it will glitch and when you return downstairs you will not be able to rebuild it.

3) I played the main story all the way through with my nephew, my gamertag was signed in on Controller 1 the entire time. However, I received credit for completing all 4 films. While he only received credit for the last 2 films. We played straight through with a few pauses, but nothing ever broke the stream of gameplay.

4) And this one refers to the paragraph I quoted. First off, you specifically did not mention you had sailed each ship, you must go to the hub and break the minikits and ride in each boat. Now, as far as the glitch goes, as soon as I completed the game 100% I returned to the hub and sailed each one many times without receiving the the achievement. I rebooted and came back in and rode each one and it worked just fine. Not sure what the exact problem was... but a simple reboot will fix this if you are having trouble getting it to unlock.
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