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I waited as well...I love twin stick shooters and tended to pick up any that came out for a couple of years, but I've had it with paying $15 for half-assed games. I loved the Gatling Gears demo and honestly thought it was 800msp, it feels like a game that's worth 800, but when I finished the demo and hit the button to unlock the full version I saw the pricetag and deleted the game. When it mysteriously started being advertised on my dashboard for 800msp I went ahead and bought the full version and downloaded it again. I'm enjoying playing it with my wife, haven't tried it on live yet but I hope it plays well.

I'm similar to one of the above posters, I have over 200 arcade titles and somewhere between 350-400 retail titles...I tend to hit Gamestop when they have the buy 2 used games get 1 free and always end up with at least 6-9 purchases, sometimes I end up getting 15 up to 30 titles if I manage to get to a store (or sometimes two) before they're completely picked over...I pick up games I know I'll enjoy through preorders, usually 3-4 a month, then I end up cashing in all of the "rewards pro points" or whatever they call them for stacks of $15 off any used game or accessory coupons and spend them during the next buy 2 get 1 free promo. The damned online passes have started to cramp my process a little bit, but I just get those games new if I have any desire to play them...I keep ending up with 30,000-40,000 reward points every couple of months just for buying stuff I was going to purchase anyway, can't beat it for $15 a year with the game informer magazine included and the coupons they always send on your birthday.

Anyway, after my somewhat off topic rant...well, at least it involved discussion of prices...but in the case of Gatling Gears, I bet a lot of people took a pass on it for 1200 and EA freaked a bit that a well reviewed title was selling poorly, so they dropped it to 800 to make up their money in sales volume rather than profit per unit. I'll take sales volume every time, especially on games with multiplayer on live, since we all have more folks to play with.


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