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Explodonator 10

Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!

You unlock the Cherry Bomb during adventure mode after beating zone 1 - level 2.

Playing adventure mode you should unlock this up without having to think too hard about it, once you are being overwhelmed by 10 or more zombies use the Cherry Bomb to blow them up. Alternatively the mini-game Big Trouble Little Zombie is a good place to get this.

Close Shave 5
Win any level after all lawnmowers have been used.

You can unlock this once you have all 5 lanes which appear after a couple of levels on zone 1.

Pick one lane to plant Sunflowers and leave the other lanes to let the zombies get all the way to house which actives the lawnmower clearing that lane of zombies, as soon as the lawnmower is activated defend that lane.

Once the four lanes without lawnmower protection are safe let the zombies destroy your Sunflower lane taking out the remaining lawnmower.

Shopaholic 10
Go trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.

This will unlock after spending $25,000 in the shop, just keep speeding money in the shop once it unlocks during adventure mode.

No Fungus Among Us 10
Complete a night-time level without planting any Mushrooms.

Best place to unlock is the first night-time level (Zone 2) during adventure mode, complete without using any Mushrooms.

Pick one lane to plant Sunflowers (To build up some sun points) and leave the other lanes to let the zombies get all the way to house which actives the lawnmower clearing that lane of zombies.

As soon as a lane without a lawnmower needs protecting plant a Peashooter and if you need to a Wall-nut to buy you time.

Keep planting Sunflowers when you can and adding more Peashooters or Torchwoods to your defence.

Don't Pea in the Pool 10
Complete a daytime pool level without using peashooters of any kind

Best place to unlock is the first pool level (zone 3) during adventure mode, complete without using any kind of Peashooters.

Plant Sunflowers on your back rows and sleeping Puff-shrooms in your front rows until the zombies start to come then place Chompers and Wall-nuts just like you did during the Nom Nom Nom acheivement.

Kep planting Sunflowers as this is day level and your sun money goes up fast leaving you able to place a good defence of Chompers and Wall-nuts.

Make good use of the Puff-shrooms which are free to slow the zombies down.

Grounded 10
Defeat a normal roof level without using any catapult plants

Best place to unlock is the first roof level (zone 5 level 1) during adventure mode, complete without using any catapult plants.

Plant 4 Sunflowers on the back row and the save your sun money until the first zombie appears then plant a Starfruit in his lane at the very front Flower Pot, plant more Sunflowers and repeat.

As soon as you have enough sun money place Flower Pots in the empty row in front of your other Flower Pots and plant a Starfruits.

Dont worry about losing Starfruits as your can replace them quickly, use Pumpkins to protect your front line.

Good Morning 10
Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.

Pick a daytime level and only use Mushrooms and Coffee Beans. Replay adventure mode and you can get this on the first level.

Pick the Puff-shroom twice using the Imitater and place sleeping Puff-shrooms up front while slowly building up sun money from Sun-shroom which you will need to wake up.

You can lose a few lanes by using the lawnmower like you did for the Close Shave achievement but once the lawnmower is used defend that lane with a Fume-shroom which you will need to wake up with sleeping Puff-shroom in front.

Once you have every lane defended by Fume-shrooms you should be okay just keep adding more when you can and remember to adding sleeping Puff-shrooms up front to slow the zombies down.

Popcorn Party 15
Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.

Best place to unlock is the roof level (zone 5 level 8) during adventure mode.

Note you cannot get this on your 1st playthrough you must beat adventure mode to unlock Cob Cannon and then replay back to zone 5 level 8.

Buy the Corn Cob and the rake from the shop.

The Corn Cob is placed on top of two Corn-pults planted next to each other. (Horizontally)

Plant Sunflowers until the second zombie starts to come then plant a Kernel-pult in that lane, keep planting Sunflowers and Kernel-pults until you have all lanes defended.

Now add a second line of Kernel-pults to kill the cone-head zombies and upgrade your Sunflowers to the Twin Sunflowers. Place a Flower Pot with a Pumpkin on top to slow down the zombies if you need to.

Now you basic defence is set-up your sun points should be building up to buy your 1st Cob Cannon, as soon as you place make sure you add more Kernel-pults to defend that lane. Build your sun points up again and place your 2nd Cob Cannon adding a couple more Kernel-pults to defend that lane. As soon as the 1st Gargantuar arrives fire both Cob Cannon missiles at him to kill him quick, add more Kernel-pults until the 2nd Gargantuar arrives and fire both Cob Cannon missiles to kill him.

Roll Some Heads 10
Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-Nut

Unlocked during the mini-game Wall-nut Bowling or Wall-nut Bowling 2. This should unlock during the final wave when a huge amount of zombies are unleashed, bowl a Wall-nut into a group of zombies.

Disco is Undead 5
Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie

Dancing Zombie first appears on zone 2 level 8

During a level with Dancing Zombie – Use the Hypno-shroom on the lead dancer to unlock this achievement. Make sure you place the Hypno-shroom to the left of lead dancer and not on top of him.

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