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Originally Posted by Agent Aero View Post
This is my first playthrough on Squire and i'm at the boss that's in the chariot with the flaming horses, and i simply cannot beat her.

I'm unable to dodge her attack where she ground slams, and each time she does that i get thrown to the edge where i'm stuck in the lava and i end up getting incapacitated. And as for that stupid whore Gretchen...she just stands still, gets rammed by the chariot and lose 3/4 of health.

Now back to the topic, does anyone else think this game is very difficult? It just seems so hard and i've only played around 2-3 hours of it and i'm already sick of it.

Post away.
I don't understand why so many people have trouble with Holda.
But thats more the second part of the battle..
Use your Lance,The she stands still.
Run to her and do some damage..
When she is in the air hold Gretchen.
After you destroy the wagon the harder part comes..

I almost done on the Witch slayer difficulty level and have played around 35 hours..
It is still a great game!
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