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Endure Achievement and Possibly some other Firefight ones

I am looking to get the Endure achievement. I would like to follow the guide's advice, as that seems to work best and I almost got it once while following it. *

Message me on XBL at Jedmankaboom18. Thanks. I only play after 10pm Mountain time. I have done the Lost Platoon and Chasm Ten 200,000 but I am up for the other maps. Hit me up.


*Map: Lost Platoon
No. of players required: 4
Difficulty: Heroic

Player 1 Role:

Warthog Driver - Drive around the outskirts of the map, splattering enemies when appropriate. Communicate with Player 2 to prevent any mishaps.

Player 2 Role:

Warthog Gunner - Jump of the Turret of Player 1's Warthog and shoot any enemies that you see.

Player 3 Role:

Chopper - Drive around the main building, splattering the larger enemies as well as shooting the smaller ones.

Player 4 Role:

Spartan Laser/Back up - Pick up the Spartan Laser from the small room close to the spawn and camp on the balcony of the main buildings. Take out the Wraiths as soon as they appear with the Spartan Laser and provide back-up to your teammates.

This achievement will take you between 2-3 hours depending on the skill of the players.
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