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Keep using the mines to weaken his knees, and when he goes down, jump and quick attack the yellow faceplate covering Kilowog. It will take a couple dozen hits before the knees heal and the robot stands back up. Once again use the mines to get the robot down, then smack Kilowog's shield. Rinse and repeat three times on Emerald Knight difficulty (may be less on the easier ones).

Hope that helps anyone stuck on this.

EDIT: There's an easier way to do this, as I discovered tonight while playing this boss fight. You can use missiles to target his knees, but once they've done a certain amount of damage, you have to switch to mines. You need to drop a mine into each flaming kneecap. It may take a few attempts to get them to enter the open burning slots on the knees, but once all four are done, he'll fall. Then follow what I posted above.

Again, hope this helps anyone stuck on this fight.

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