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Hey Shinobi,

Did you actually play these games this weekend too? But with no glitches? Did you do the latest Game Updates through Xbox Live? I did before playing both games and I'm guessing this is where my problem is coming from.

I've never had any problems with either of these great games before last weekend (Saturday June 25th).

I hadn't played either of these games for quite a while and I was feeling nostalgic, so Saturday I tossed in "Rainbow Six: Vegas 1" and started a new Single Player Campaign. I played all the way to the roof of the church (Chapter 1), just assuming that I must be doing something wrong. But then I realized what was actually happening... phantom squad commands.

I confirmed this, like I said, by changing to 3 different controllers, and setting each one down on my coffee table. Each time with the exact same results.

Weird, right?

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