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Area 1 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 1!

'see True Completionist'.

Area 2 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 2!

'see True Completionist'.

Area 3 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 3!

'see True Completionist'.

Area 4 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 4!

see 'True Completionist'.

Area 5 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 5!

see 'True Completionist'.

Area 6 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 6!

see 'True Completionist'.

Area 7 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 7!

see 'True Completionist'.

Area 8 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 8!

see True Completionist'.

Area 9 Clear - 10
Cleared Area 9!

see 'True Completionist'.

Grand Champion - 10
Cleared Championship!

From the main menu select play game then at the top is championship. If you follow my roadmap this should be your second playthrough (or your welcome to do this on easy first to get a quick feel for the game). If its playthrough 2 you can set it to easy and breeze through this mode in about 15 to 20 minutes. Just clear each wave and after its over hit A to go to the results screen and it will pop after you hit A again and goes back to the main menu.

Race Against Time - 30
Completed all Time Attacks!

If you're following the road map then this should be the last playthrough. Select play game then scroll down to time attack. The goal here is to select an area then select the level from 1-5. After the level begins you need to finish that level in the time given. The times vary. Use the few tips about hitting the bombs near bigger enemies to clear the waves fast. Once you get the hang of this and see how it works you should have little trouble clearing each time attack. I will tell you this. If you do fail and the time runs out it gives you the option to continue or quit. If you do continue the time will not count and you wont get credit for beating it. After you beat each time attack within the time given it will put a line through the box showing its complete. I started on level 5 of each area to get the hardest ones done first. Overall there all pretty easy though.

True Completionist - 70
Cleared all areas on hard difficulty!

Ok again if you take my advice and do this on playthrough 1 it will save you some time. Simply start the game and select play now and then go to area 1. When it loads change the difficulty to HARD and start. I didn't struggle much at all but that doesn't mean you wont. If you learn the patterns and again use the larger bombs (larger golden orb looking things) near the larger enemies it will flash red and blow up almost everything or usually everything on screen. Use the right stick to change the direction you fire to hit things coming from the sides and below you. When shooting forward or up i would hold the right stick up as well it seemed to fire faster and hit things quicker. After your done with area 1 do the same with areas 2-9. After this you will get the hard achievement along with all the area specific achievements as well. This should save you a lot of time if you just jump right in and do it like this.
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