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Originally Posted by Vault Lad View Post
it's going to be really interesting to see how they wrap this whole series up. There's barely 6 months left in the war by time Hell Highway ends. They're obviously not going to be doing anything Berlin related - so Battle of the Bulge?
Although the war didn't have long left after Market Garden - the events of Hells Highway take place in less than a week, and Hells Highway misses a vital portion of the Market Garden operation.

Hells Highway focusses solely on the US paratroopers efforts during the operation ( albeit linking into XXX Corps as they linked up the objectives ), but what about the British paras at Arnhem / Oosterbeek ?

The number of levels / scenarios that their assault / defence of Arnhem over the period 17th - 26th September throws up could be a great game.

- landing on DZ and rendevous in the woods with Company
- moving from rendezvous point to objectives ( railway & pontoon bridges )
- making way from failed objectives to town centre
- 2nd battalion defending the bridge from numerous assaults
- other battalions being intercepted en route to town centre
- the additional landings having to fight their way off the DZ
- defensive perimeter around Oosterbeek
- escaping at night across the Rhine
- stragglers being helped by Dutch resistence + rescued by 101st Airborne

It might be that all this condenses into 1 level ( though I don't think it would do the actions justice ) but imagine the potential of having an Arnhem downloadable content with additional achievements

I think the biggest stumbling block is that these games are US focussed nowadays ( COD 3 had British missions ) and probably wouldn't sell so well in the US. Although there were US / Canadian officers involved with the operation.

Just my two cents on where the franchise could go

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