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Originally Posted by Morbido View Post
You wanna go on about elitism.

You lot think the world ends at the mexican and canadian boarders. Think the sun shines out of the statue of Libertys Arse. And have the gall to say we speak funny. You speak our language you idiot. Therefore by default we speak correctly and your the ones that sound like your the result of two first cousins going too far. Your from oklahoma you should know about that stuff.

You have been using the same insults at us for decades - tea drinking, crumpet eating brittisZZZZZZZZZ - its so boring. You claim not to be retarded but with comments like this, the ridiculousness of the opening post and the fact im yet to come across one of you that can string together a sentence without using the words fag, fuck, dude or douchebag. I would have to agree with the rest of the world. You cant even say Iraq right.

Im still yet to discover why someone who hates sport was on a sporting page in the first place.

Face it culley, your country is a joke.

Im off to have queen with the tea now. Toodle pip.
Hmm well I am pretty sure that my post did not include the words that you say you have never heard an American be able to say a sentence without using so that pretty much makes your comment invalid. Also in saying that us Americans are idiots who don't respect people from around the world you have just done the exact same thing you accuse us of doing. Well enjoy your queen with the tea now."Toodle pip?" Hmm funny words.
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