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Originally Posted by Superjoint Ritual View Post
I was thinking of starting this game but I was wondering how tough it was. How bad is Veteran? Keep in mind I have beat COD 2 Vet MANY times, beat Black OPs Vet, and beat CoD 4 VET (and got Mile High Club in under an hour). Also, how easy is it to boost online? I have 2 360s. How many people are needed to boost?
I've yet to get the Vet for COD3 (gave up after I got to a save I just couldn't progress from) but I have heard it is one of the more frustrating CODs to beat on Vet...due mainly to shoddy AI.

To 1000 point the game...brutal. Getting 40000 kills in online ranked match is an absolute grind...even when boosting. You need 8 players to hopefully get into a game together and flag toss for 20 minutes a game. Depending on the connection (a bad connection is actually better) you are looking at 200-1000 points a game. Mostly around 500 or so....that's been my experience, at least. About 1/2 the time, there is someone who isn't boosting and ruins everyones session. But, say you are getting 500 a match, it's going to take you 80 matches at 20 minutes a piece...that's about 27 hours...IF (IF!) you get 80 matches where everyone is boosting...which you won't.

This isn't one to pick up for an easy 1000 points, that's for sure.

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