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rip off prices.

I have read most if not all of the posts about the cost of the DLC for this game and i must agree that it is way over priced @ 1200 msp=10/$15 for 250gs. the game is ok but old, chow yun fat is a good actor, Jon woo is a good director/writer and that's it... as far as completing this game myself i keep checking the price whenever i get msp crossing my fingers...
but now this game is over 4 years old and no price drop i have decided to delete my game save and push the achievement blade way down my games list knowing i won't get it completed unless i win the lotto and have money to throw away(even then i'll hesitate).

Although one idea is for everyone who wants to get this game on they're completion list is to put in a petition to get the price down to an acceptable one. if this dosen't work then it'll be obviouse that they're thinking only about the money and not us gamers showing off this game on our completed games list.
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