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Originally Posted by Morbido View Post

On why your mocked -

Teams with stupid gimmick names
No promotion/relegation
Calling kits, uniforms/jerseys
Absurd commentary - Man City Vs Ny red bulls in a friendly before the start of the 10/11 season was an embarrassment
Calling squads rosters
Using the word franchise
Ok if these are the reasons we are mocked then that is stupid.

Ok for teams with stupid gimmick names. What's wrong with that? If we enjoy giving our teams names so what? Some of them don't even have names anyways. For example Real Salt Lake doesn't have a name other than just that. Also over in Europe I am pretty sure there are teams such as the Amsterdam "Ajax" and Manchester United are often called the Red Devil so ya that is a pretty stupid reason.

Also what is wrong with no promotion/relegation? As a young footballing nation we do not have the means to be able to do this as it would pretty much kill the sport and besides this is how we have done our sports since the begginiing of us having sports, be it baseball, American football, basketball, or hockey.

Next, for us calling kits uniforms/jerseys let me get this straight. A kit is the combination of the top, shorts, and socks. While a jersey or shirt is just the top which us here in America be it any sport usually buy/wear. we don't walk around with our baseball jerseys, pants, socks, and belts and say to one another hey nice kit you got there. No we generally just wear the jersey. Here is a link to show that even in the UK the top is not called a kit Oh wait what was that? The UK shop is called soccer shop and yes everything is in pounds not dollars. AKA not an American shop

Next for the absurd commentary. The commentary is actually rather good here in America, at least our ESPN coverage which is the big sports station as well as my local teams commentator is good. Whereas Fox's coverage which was probably covering that match is a joke and I can't stand them. During pregame of the UEFA Champions League Final they said well this match is a much bigger event than the NFL regular season game here at Wembley a few months ago. Well no duh!!!!!!!! I guess that's what you get for putting NFL guys on the coverage oh well at least our other stations are good.

For calling squads rosters, I don't think I have ever heard and American call a squad a roster be it a regular person or a broadcaster they always have called them squads. Even during Fox's coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final.

Finally for using the word Franchise, it is the same as calling squads rosters, we actually call them clubs thank you very much. Even my team, Seattle Sounders FC uses the term club, hence the FC which means football club.

So there you go. Now lets see why else should they not like soccer or football whatever you want to call it. Oh because they weren't willing to switch the name of a popular American sport football so they can change the name of soccer to football due to the fact that Europeans call it that. Well lets see I'm pretty sure American football fans would be pretty pissed about that.

Well anyways goodbye.

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