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Despite it being internationally recognized as "football" around the world and it's referred to as "soccer" in America is why people conceive Americans arrogant towards the game, oh and MLS...

while I've got nothing against Americans who watch and love the game.. there are a lot of people over there who make the game look like a joke. Most popular sport in the world too might I add to justify the last sentence.

It's the same over here people call it soccer, annoys me especially when I read the word "soccer" in the newspaper..

oh and what cracked me up is that they spelled, in a popular newspaper, "Tottenham" "Tottingham" over here. australia and america aren't, in the near future, gonna be footballing nations.

if nfl (god such a boring sport :/) became popular in England it'd be exactly the same.. just americans conceiving english people as idiots.
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