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Originally Posted by Morbido View Post
You make some fair points. It might have taken you nearly a week, but good job.

I will just say that what is a Sounder? Because names like this really dont help you. Also having teams named after energy drinks is ridiculous, (NY Red Bulls). Because as there is little to no history in your sports when Red Bull decide to stop sponsoring NY they will have to change their name.

Teams in the UK have over 100 years of history. Never move town/city, never change name and dont constantly re-name their stadiums. It is because of these things, basically a mirror opposite to what goes on in the states that make football the sport it is.

Also every team has a nickname. Man united are called the red devils as 99% of their fans will burn for being glory hunters. Just kidding, i have no idea why they are called that.

Look I, like many still dont like you lot calling it soccer. That would have been adverted if when american football was invented you had called it something original and more appropriate. But thats in the past. Like ive said before I dont care if the majority of your country doesn't like it. What pisses me off is ill-informed opinions and people like the three cunts who are making a fool out of themselves on the latest Fifa news page available on this sites homepage.
A Sounder is a person who is from the Puget Sound which is where Seattle is located. We even have a fast transportation train called the Sounder that runs through our area. As for the New York Red Bulls, I completely agree with you, having your team named after an energy drink is just plain stupid when they could have named their team something like I don't know say the New York Liberty or something like that. Also for stadium name changes, a lot of our stadiums have had the same name for decades even over a century such as Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Yankee Stadium. For us our more famous stadiums are our baseball fields as it shares a similar gloried past as soccer or football has over there in Europe. Our soccer stadiums currently haven't had enough time to get famous and I am afraid none ever will get the chance as it is kind of late for that to ever happen.
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