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Originally Posted by TTD187 View Post
Okay, we need one, seriously need one. I looked through all 5 pages of threads and this is now the first one. I'll start.

Split screen. I can't see anything when using it.
It's not scary.
The game modes are very boring
The game is literally almost dead. I looked for all available games and there were 4! Seriously? Only 4 available lobbies?
The fact that if you're not posessing someone and you need to get in a mech and Point Man isn't around, you're screwed because no one's around! -.-

Yea splitscreen does limit your field of view, but it's been that way since like super nintendo days of splitscreen.. meh. Ah well. Although they didn't use all the available space in the splitscreen mode.. >_<
FEAR isn't scary if you're an adult.. it's got a very faint sense of creepiness to it but that's it. It's nothing you'll have nightmares over. It's the usual style of scare tactics.. dark lighting with shadows in the background.. slow mo parts.. and the typical "in your face scares".. It's all been done before in FEAR and FEAR 2 anyways..

The game modes.. well I only like contractions and f**king run. I already knew the game had NO deathmatch or TDM in it before release. It kinda sucks but whatever.. I got FEAR 2 for deathmatch at least. As for the online activity.. it only shows the LOBBY that is available.. and NOT the games in progress. =p So what if there are 200 000 people playing online but you don't know that cause the game doesn't show "sessions in progress". =p
But anyways.. the game modes are meant to be played from the start to finish not joining midway anyways.. so whatever I guess?..

You don't need a mech in the levels to proceed. It's only an option.

The game does feel short but meh.. I had a feeling it wasn't full of content when I saw all the delays and barely any multiplayer footage.
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