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Originally Posted by MxPx View Post

Sounds like a lot of you guys just got your butt hurt than your only real sport is Soccer. What else you got over there? Polo? Badminton? Rugby is chill...but a dead sport.
Our only real sport is football? A real sport is a sport that is played by more than a few countries. Rugby Union, Rugby League, Hockey (grass), Snooker etc. This might seem mind boggling to someone like you but cricket is more popular than the four of your sports put together. Bet they dont mention that in your schools?

Originally Posted by MxPx View Post
I will just say what is a Hotspur? Because names like this don't really help you.

The Red Bulls will either return to the name they held for the first 10 years of their existence, the Metro Stars, or acquire a new name.

A. Professional football has only existed for about 50 years. Sorry we haven't been playing the same sport for the past 500 years, but we were kinda doing more important things like fighting wars, building a government, etc. We've only really truly been settled down as a nation since WWII, once we so graciously protected your nation from certain destruction. =X
Fair point about Tottenham.

Your point about NYs team just proves my point about there being no history.

Fighting wars? Hows that going at the minute? Just think if you hadn't spent the last nine years cocking up in Iraq and Afghanistan the MLS might be as good as the Premier League or La Liga.

Originally Posted by Assasin13 View Post
A Sounder is a person who is from the Puget Sound which is where Seattle is located. We even have a fast transportation train called the Sounder that runs through our area. As for the New York Red Bulls, I completely agree with you, having your team named after an energy drink is just plain stupid when they could have named their team something like I don't know say the New York Liberty or something like that. Also for stadium name changes, a lot of our stadiums have had the same name for decades even over a century such as Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Yankee Stadium. For us our more famous stadiums are our baseball fields as it shares a similar gloried past as soccer or football has over there in Europe. Our soccer stadiums currently haven't had enough time to get famous and I am afraid none ever will get the chance as it is kind of late for that to ever happen.
Again, fair points. Wasn't aware of the history of baseball stadiums.
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