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[QUOTE=Morbido;4340448]Our only real sport is football? A real sport is a sport that is played by more than a few countries. Rugby Union, Rugby League, Hockey (grass), Snooker etc. This might seem mind boggling to someone like you but cricket is more popular than the four of your sports put together. Bet they dont mention that in your schools?/QUOTE]

On the topic of cricket being more popular than four of our sports combined is irrelevant as that could be said for your sports as well. Take volleyball, swimming, gymastics, and water polo and you've got yourself four sports played in high schools across America that if they're total popularity were combined wouldn't be as popular as cricket. Oh but wait I'm pretty sure we could do that with British sports as well. Next I don't see why you say "Hockey (grass)" when Ice Hockey is a much more popular sport worldwide and played in countries such as America, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, and more Eastern European Countries as well as some Western while not as popular in those. Sorry but I just find it interesting that you are trying to avoid popular world wide sports played over here in North America. Oh and yes the NHL which consists of Canadian and American teams is the biggest ice hockey league in the world. With only the Russian league having any competion with it and even then its no where near as big. It also has its own world cup style tournament that is played during the winter olympics every four years. With smaller tournaments played in between. Oh and then there is baseball which is played by America, Canada, all of Latin America, Japan, Korea, and parts of Europe. With the biggest league being over here in the USA and Canada. It too has had a few world baseball classics which is a world cup style tournament.

There are also other sports that we play that are popular world wide that we have one of the largest leagues for. For example golf, The PGA Tour is tied for the largest in the world with the European Tour. Tennis is another sport that is popular here and we even hold one of the major tournaments the U.S. Open in New York City.
So I am pretty sure that we aren't lacking in popular world wide sports.

Sorry about the qoute up at the top, I don't know why its not showing it in its usual form.

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