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I'm not a child, but F.E.A.R definitely had a few creep moments and F.E.A.R 2 made me jump but this game is the least scariest :/

True that it doesn't show the games going on but lobbies don't exactly fill up straight away and I always find it hard to get into games of F**king Run and often get put into soul king.

I also knew there was no TDM or anything like that but that doesn't really bother me anyway, I have Medal of Honor for TDM and other game-types the generic FPS shooter have and Bad Company 2 for a more indepth game of Conquest or Rush.

I think it could just be that even though I wasn't expecting much, I still expected too much and it could be how I feel about my value for money. I usually don't spend more than 25 on a game. I will be selling soon though and may get it when it goes down to around 15-25, I guess I could sell the code if I get pre-owned.
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