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To all the Americans who keep proving morbido wrong just ignore him he likes to argue on this site, he says fair point but then carries on arguing about something anyway.

And i agree with Storm Cobra theres a lot of American footballers that I like to watch Donovan was good on his loan to Everton especially when he broke Ashley Cole's ankle, and I enjoy watching Clint Dempsey getting stuck in with Fulham he's a lot better to watch then a lot of the arragant rich kids in the league, and as to comparing the two leagues the MLS is definitely a lower standard but as MxPx said its not an old league and it can only get better.

And about the whole football soccer argument goes a lot of Americans don't care about football and a lot of English people don't care about football, we should be happy all of these countries are playing and enjoying a sport that came from our countryits not like they've took our sport abd called it something offensive, they've already used the word football so they cant use it again everyone should be able to enjoy it no matter what country they're from. Well thats my view anyway.

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