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Originally Posted by Morbido View Post

Baseball is not played in Europe.

Baseball actually is played in Europe. As we have actually had a few good European baseball players from countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, including a few others. While it may not be as big over there in Europe and we may not get as many stars from therea as say Japan, Korea, the Caribean such as the Dominican Republic(They've got some real good players), Central America and South America, I quote they do play baseball in Europe as also proved by the above post showing the sites of the European baseball leagues.

I also do believe I remember another American/Canadian sport I forgot to mention, Basketball. Basketball is wildly popular in Europe and pretty much every other part of the world as we have many Europeans, African, Asian, and South American players in our league. I was just in Italy and Holland in May and June of this year and in almost every sports shop I was in American/Canadian basketball jerseys were selling like crazy. The NBA draft usually has a few players around the world being drafted. This last one had 14 oversees players chosen out of 60 total players chosen(I believe it was the most ever) from these following countries; Turkey(1), Lithuania(1), Serbia(1), Spain(2), Italy(1), Croatia(1), Japan(1), Slovenia(1), Israel(1), Nigeria(1), Qatar(1), Austraila(1), and Hungary(1).
There is also a FIFA World Championship held every four years including nations from around the world in a world cup style tournament. I mentioned this due to Europeans saying we don't play any popular sports that are played around the world. Oh and one of the Spain draftees was from Real Madrid's basketball team, kind of funny.
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