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Why I think Fable: The Journey will fail

As most of us know Lionhead recently announced their new Fable game; Fable: The Journey, for Kinect.
I think this new Fable will completely fail, and I think (and hope) most of you people will agree with me.

First of all; the bad performances. Fable 1 was a fantastic game which could hold you down for hours and hours. The first Fable made the franchise famous.
Fable 2 was also a good game in my eyes, but I found Fable better and as some say, ''Fable 2 gave the serie a disease''. Then Lionhead made Fable 3. Which killed the serie. Completely.

Second, the last (and extremely bad) performance; Fable 3 contains far, far, very far too much glitches. I mean, one or two is understandable, but you'd almost think they just made something and threw in onto the market. I'm pretty sure at least half the people who have Fable 3 have encountered at least one glitch (which most likely forced them to start all over)

Third; Lionhead NOT making any patches. I mean, WTF! You give us a product that is broken almost everywhere and you don't even try to fix the countless failures you put us up with? Lionhead sure knows how to piss people off!

Fourth; Peter Molyneux. I think after the fake promises he made on Fable 2 and 3 there's few people left who actually believe what he's telling. Seriously Peter, do you really expect people to trust you after all those lies? Sure, he admitted his lies on Fable 3, but still, how many promises will you break?

And fifth and last; the new game. I already mentioned the giant pile of glitches in Fable 3 and the lack of any proper patches (if there ARE patches in the first place). And now they intent to create a new game? Face it Lionhead; you cannot release a completely broken product, enrage thousands of gamers and then simply make a new one with Kinect and think ''hey, we made a new game with Kinect. perhaps now all those pissed off fans will be happy again''. Because we won't. And definitely not when this new game is on rails and the story is pretty much poor (like Fable 2's ending and Fable 3)

So, my conclusion:
Can Fable 4 redeem the fallen franchise?
No it can't
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