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Worst thing imaginable happened to me :/

So I had bought Arkham Asylum on the 360 around the time it came out, and got 1000/1000, and later (regrettably) sold it... And at one point I even gamefly'd the PS3 version and got Platinum on that in under 24 hours real-life time (/brag) So yesterday, in my excitement for Arkham City, I got the PC version of Arkham Asylum on Steam for $7.49, and predictably started being an achievement whore. Well today, I had absolutely every achievement except Freeflow Gold, Predator Gold, and Perfect Knight, and I had 3/3 medals on every challenge except the last 2 (one for each type). I did Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme) and got 3 medals, and Freeflow Gold pops up. Being as paranoid about achievements glitching as I am, I immediately opened my list, and saw that Freeflow Gold had glitched and was still locked. I exited the game (from the main menu) then reopened it, thinking the achievement would re-unlock immediately or some other miracle would happen, and instead I saw that my save file was corrupt......Frik.
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