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Originally Posted by Setsuna x360a View Post
True Dynasty Warrior Gundam (Final Mission) Strategy:

This mission is the bane of this games existence, you start off with only 1 field, a stupid A.I ally, you have multiple Aces coming at you, anything that hits you could do AT LEAST 1/3 of your health and thats assuming you maxed out the pilot and the MS defense and armor. Remember that Interim Save is your best friend during this mission

Recommended MS: Knight Gundam
His insanely overpowered Charge 3 attack when under his Musou transformation is probably the best thing you could ask for, the attack will easily refill your SP gauge by the time your transformation is up and you will have shot down all grunts in your way.

Recommended Partner Strike: Duo Maxwell (Deathscythe Gundam)

Duo Maxwell is a good partner strike to have when trying to escape attacks you cant get out of, Duo will come out and spin Deathscythes scythe and it will pull any enemies surrounding him inside giving you a chance to escape.

Heres how the mission layout always starts:

Notice how there is an enemy catapult pointing straight for your main base. One thing to keep in mind when playing this mission, that base WILL fall do not try to protect it. Your Ally will run straight for the enemy main base so hes a lost cause. What you want to do is run around the map taking over fields while avoiding enemy aces, if you see an enemy ace then RUN without asking any questions. Taking over the bases and kill the grunts will help build up the amount of shotdowns you have for the Ace Pilot skill.

At the start of the mission you want to proceed downward and take over the Outpost Base. As you run around the field your partner gauge will go up and if you do find yourself in a situation where you are about to get hit by an enemy ace you can use your partner strike to escape. Next you want to take over the Morale Station that is indicated by the wrench, this field slowly recovers the enemies morale and because each shot down and field gain barely hits their morale as is then you might want to take this over to prevent further problems.

After you have gotten those two out of the way just keep running around the map taking over bases, avoid all aces at all costs, wait until the enemy aces leave a field far enough for you to dash in their and take it over. Once you have depleted the enemies morale low enough and have accumulated at least over 1000 shot downs go into the enemy main base and try to finish the mission as quickly as possible before the other enemy aces can catch up to you, they will be trying to take over any fields in their way before making it to the main base so you will have time

This worked for me really well

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