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Originally Posted by Aruwal View Post
@LordOdadjian: Sorry to hearyou didn't like the guide, and that it was no use to you. I do not see anything wrong with description on red gem 5 though, I think it's quite accurate.

What does the rest think? Does it need even more description, or is it fine the way it is?

Don't take me too seriously. I love whining like a stuck pig when things don't go my way.

Seriously the rest of the guide is perfectly fine. But the baby door is before the red strawberry for gem number 5. I believe it might help others to mention this and tell them to backtrack aafter getting the strawberry.

Aside from that, the guide has been perfectly fine. My anger is more towards this achievement in general. It's really silly because literally the only way to get this achievement is to grind white gems, even with all the red gem pickups.

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