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Originally Posted by BlackDragon View Post
An interesting strategy, but it sounds... a bit fractured, somehow. It suggests using the Knight Gundam, and then mentions accumulating kills for your Ace Skill, when the only way to unlock the Knight Gundam's Ace Skill is to... win this mission first. ~_~ Also, aiming for the Mboile Suit Factory is all well and good, but as long as the Missile Base is operational (and with untouched Aces running around everywhere conquering fields), it won't stay in your hands for very long.

It sounds POSSIBLE, but it also sounds like a Sisyphos-job. Reducing the enemy morale-gauge just by conquering fields, while the Mobile Suit Factory keeps restoring it, and you can only hold it for short periods and only reconquer it when there aren't any aces hanging around? Not fun at all. Oh, and by that strategy, conquering the Missile Base is impossible, since it's ALWAYS got two aces hanging 'round, and in souped-up suits at that.

There's gotta be a way to build yourself up so that you can face these overpowered aces. What about a 'Snapping Turtle' build? The 'Guard from all directions' skill, along with the Mobile Suit upgrade that makes you immune to Smash Hits, and the 'Inner Peace' skill that regenerates your SP-gauge... combined with the Wing-Zero Gundam's ridiculously effective SP-attack, and Zero Range Shot. Turtle until your SP-gauge is full, then unleash it at point-blank range... should one-shot most suits, even at this level - and if not, it'll stun them, so you can follow up with a killer combo.
The Ace Pilot skill is unlocked through a memorial mission, if you're able to play this mission you should have every other thing unlocked at this point. No thats a GOOD thing, you want that missile base to take bases over again so you can go back and accumlative kills (if the enemy aces havent already taken them over) and its not like you can't dash back in there and take it over again.

Thats why you go for the Mobile Suit Factory as one of your first base to conquer and then aim for bases that are open and free of enemy aces, the enemy aces will only conquer bases in there way, its rare that they go out of their way to get the Mobile Suit Factory or the Missile base for that matter. The aces DON'T stay in one spot, they are always moving.

There's multiple ways of going about completing this mission, you can try whatever tactic you want. But 3/3 and maybe even more people have gotten there final Story Mode achievement this way and you're telling me it's flawed. Re-watch the video and look intendly at whats going on and just maybe you'll figure out what you're supposed to do.

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