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Originally Posted by Kyai View Post
Chaos mode wasn't too bad. I used bow characters (I can't remember who, it's been a while) and rushed the boss to end the stage every time. I even rush the stages in this game with Double X, hah.
I still havent been able to pull it off, and I just haven't bothered in a long time. (I also have the Level 50 ach left as well)

I have heard it recommended to use either Sun Shang Xiang because her bow is insanely powerful, or a character like Zhuge Liang who has fire, and can set the enemy bases ablaze.

The Koei warriors games are some of my fav games and the only ones I have not 100% yet are DW6, DW6E, DW:G2, and i'm actually currently working on DW7 and DW:G3
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