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Originally Posted by flOOfgOOfer360 View Post
I still have to do them all on Silver and Gold, so I will try that 6 and 6 specifically then (and cross my fingers)
Yea i just completed all of gregs signature moves n no achiev. I guess im in the same boat as you

Originally Posted by Hairraiser71 View Post
I got it tonight with Javier's set. When I set up the custom workout, I noticed that the warmup and cooldown were not pre-selected. Did you include them on yours?

Yes i included them. I thought it would make it easier but still no achiev. I will try again tonight when i get off of work. hopefully it will unlock.

Edit: July 11 - I just did 2 more custom workouts. The 1st 1 i failed a excercise cause the kinect refused to detect me while doing a floor excercise, so i set up another custom workout which i completed n still no achievement.

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