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Originally Posted by Ayx View Post
It's hard not to laugh at your ignorance there.

Achievements is what (at times) makes the game worth playing. Unless it's a god MP game (CoD4 at the time, for example.) There is almost no reason NOT to have Online Achievements. Why?

1) It helps MS get profit out of the Xbox LIVE gold service.

2) It keeps (even a crappy game) semi-alive.

3) People almost literally dispose of the game after the 1000/1000 is completed. Especially if you grinded for that game.

Back when CoD3 was hot this game was hella active. Not Treyarch's fault you felt like waiting until it was under $20 to try to get 1000/1000 on it. You will, but consider it a bigger obstacle for trying to purchase it later.
I'm ignorant because I hate online multiplayer achievements? Treyarch even realized their mistake after 2 game with BO not having online (competitive multiplayer) achievements. IMO online achievements usually lead to a worse online experience for the average gamer because people start to play for the achievements instead of for the objectives of the game mode.

1. Online achievements do not help MS make money on their LIVE service. Even if they do it is an insignificant amount. (Also, FYI, usually you lead an argument with your strongest point)

2. Online achievements may help to keep a crap game (like CoD3) active for a while, but at that point the games get ruined because the only people playing are boosters.

3. I don't really see how this point relates to online achievements.

I even believe that there was a poll on the main page at one time that the majority of the people who responded despised online achievements as well.

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