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To the guy who started this thread, it was never meant to be a big game title anyway and its basicly a budget game, so i played it and i def can say i realy enjoying it, Aces Over Europe awhile back from Ubisoft wasn,t a budget game and in a way you can compare it with eachother, plus i played IL2-Sturmovik aswell and the landscape in there is simulair to the one using in Air Conflict, plus in this game you have actual soldiers running around and overall the graphics def not bad, def for a game that never would get many ppl who buying it. I know alot of ppl just getting this game because of the quik achievements lol.
As a flight game junkie i def think they did a good job with this game okay the comic cut scenes look different but overall the flashbacks of Dee, dee,s father flying in WWI are not bad either, Multiplayer is def fun that is if anyone is actualy on playing it, its not laggy at all same goes for the singleplayer, i not seen any clipping or odd textures. I know i probly get alot of comment now but overall i found the landscape and the planes better looking then in IL2 and Aces Over Europe was def an arcade flight sim but alot of fun! Even some never managed to finish it on expert.
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