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Guard Breaking is an attack that is still able to hit a guarding enemy, such as say MS Sinaju's X-X-Y, where he impales, lifts up, and unloads his rifle in the aces face. For MS's without a guard break there's the Shockwave upgrade which momentarily stuns an ace when you dash, leaving them open or breaking their guard.

Air Lock I assume is the act of constant dash attacks chained together. Of course you can enter dash attack anytime during your normal attack pattern, simplified looks like:
A-X-X-Y-A-(repeat until thrusters exhausted)

Also! I felt like contributing my strat...

Taking the Missile Base first is far from impossible. In fact it was my first target. I guess if you look at my setup, you could say I took a much more aggressive approach.


-Warrior's Instinct (The loss of defense seemed like a fair trade off for being able to get an attack going. The enemy aces always seem to have longer range than you...)

-Beginner's Faux Pas (You shouldn't be guarding, e-dash! e-dash! e-dash!)

-Final Sacrifice (Although you can't collect recovery items, your auto-repair and armor gain skill should keep you alive.)

MS: Knight Gundam (had all stats maxed except for mobility)
Armor Gain
Hard Strike
Minovsky Drive

Partner: Lacus (or anyone with the whirlwind really)


At the start of the mission boost straight for the Missile Base through the northern Fortress, passing the two aces who charge your HQ. You want to get there before a launch is detected. Duck through the central Fortress and enter the back door of the Missile Base.

Here you will have to fight the two Mushas. This may be a little daunting but I was able to pull it off with some peon killing to build SP, a lot of dash attacks, and considerable use of the emergency dash.

As soon as you take the Missile Base, boost across the central Fortress again and into the Repair Bay. Here I was required to kill one of the Mushas again. I'm not sure if they are static aces, such as defense commanders, or if this map just had a incredibly quick redeploy time.

Now you can move back out and claim the central Fortress. By this time the aces you passed earlier will be pretty pissed and should be incoming. I'm not certain what was occurring on the west side of the map with all the intense Musha action, but I had managed to keep my HQ and take the Advance Base. Go stupid AI ally!

With the important bases under control you can advance upon the enemy HQ to try and end it before any redeployment.

For me, this was probably the most enjoyable map which is a shame considering it was the last level... Oh and I completely forgot about the interim save, but then again that kinda feels like cheating~.

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