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Originally Posted by Azrael008uk View Post
What is this "Guard Break" and "Air Lock" of which you speak?

Sounds like it may be useful.


Pretty much what Obsidient said, but I'd like to toss in some more information. Especially on how to combine the two, and doing an actual air lock, not just on the ground with dash cancels. Reason being, if you're in the air you wont get hit by another ace or a grunt.

Most suits have a charge combo that has guard break properties. It's just a matter of figuring it out. For the suits that do not have one you're goin' to have to make your own. Guard is also broken after a certain amount of damage is done. It's really hard to do this amount in even most suits charge 6 combo. Reason being is that hits with (X) are pretty much worth nothing against the guard, just the (Y) hit. Should also note that (Y)as an attack alone is also worth squat.

So how do you get by this? The answer is about like the explanation of an "air lock". You dash cancel a ground combo to fit in more "Y" attacks. Most suits can get by with (X,X,Y,A - X,X,Y,A ~) the important thing to know is that you need to dash after the (Y), not on an (X) and if you find you can get by with just (X,Y,A) then that's what you need to do, the point is, to hit with Y as much as possible.

After a guard break, if you've got Minovsky Drive and a good Rank 4 suit, you should have plenty of thruster juice left over for at least a decent air lock. After you break their guard launch them into the air (X, Y) will launch with most suits. Immediately after you hit Y, hit A to dash into them and then immediately start the combo over. Combos change from ground to air, so you'll need to find your air combo, just like you did for the guard break combo. For a lot of suits it's (after dash lift X, X, Y, A ~).

The only other thing to know is that depending on how long you let the dash (A) go on, the higher you'll take them into the air. This is important. If you dash too long, they can do an evasive maneuver or you'll drop them. Dash too little and you'll be close enough to the ground to get whacked. Play with it, you'll figure out the balance.

Anyway, once they are well into the air and all you have to do is focus on the combo, escape is impossible unless you let your dash run too long. Literally, if you're not just tapping (A) and then starting your loop fractions of a second afterward, it can be escaped from. It's not too strict though. And this, Airmaster doesn't look so useless anymore, eh? I prefer Hard Strike, but only because using Airmaster makes the game just brokenly easy with this.

Also, I forgot to mention above, but it's really important. Do not touch your left stick after you start attacking an Ace. The lock-on system in this game is automatic and very soft. If you don't touch the left stick, even if you knock the enemy Ace in the corner and he abruptly goes one way or the other, not on their own accord, but because of your hits, your blows will still land and you'll auto follow him out.

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