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this is definitely an "OK" game, there are some planes with details in the cockpits missing, one of them even has part of the aircraft missing if you are in cockpit view and look back you can see through the fuselage to the ground. some planes dont increase speed when you drop the nose, there are plenty of issues.

This isn't a patch on IL2 sturmovik, either graphically or in terms of making you feel like you really are flying. that said the dogfighting is the best i have seen in a 360 flight game. the enemy planes are very active unlike IL2, where the tend to fly in a straight line and wait to get shot.

The multiplayer is an odd one, some of the lag is horrendous, planes skipping forward and back, though this is not all games, maybe just a couple of laggy players.

the cartoony style is bad as is the voice acting, however it did make me wonder if there could be a decent opening for a WW2 flight sim in a fully cel shaded style.

if you like WW2 flying games, this isn't really bad, but IL2 is still the 360 flight sim king imo.
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